Proven Strategies to Enhance Your Business

Our creative tactics are instrumental to generating new qualified leads. 

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How it Works?

Wilcia Management generates a detailed report of your target demographic and develops a concrete plan for success.
All with full transparency - We involve you with every step.


Gain the edge on local competition with generating "word of mouth" marketing linked with social media accounts. 

social media marketing 

Utilize Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube to generate leads through targeted advertising. Build brand recognition and loyalty with a superior social media presence.

Increase website traffic

Our sites are custom coded to utilize SEO and PPC to place you at the top of search results in your community.

Sales Funnel leads

Turn traffic from SEO and social media into exciting leads for your company. Our sales funnel process and development ensure you are receiving high quality leads.

Battle Tested & Proven Results

We provide you with predictable marketing results month after month. You can expect increased web traffic, new qualified customer leads, advanced insights, attractive web pages and more. 

Accurate Insights 

  • We provide insights to further isolate your market and lower your average costs.

Time Your Approach

  • We can see when your customers are active and launch ads with precision.

Know How Customers Search

  • Find out how your customers are finding you.

How we Provide Concrete Results

We build your digital presence from the ground up or easily overtake a current marketing plan, all while keeping you informed during the process. 
Our innovative approach will give you the upper hand when dealing in a competitive market. We set you ahead your competitors and develop a plan for continued long term growth.
With our help in driving up your websites traffic, you will see new qualified leads inquiring about your services. We provide you with the tools and framework that are versatile and work in all situations.

Our strategies turn complexity into simplicity.

 Let our team at Wilcia Management ease your mind with our stress free and fully transparent approach.
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Ready to get started? We will meet with you for one hour free of charge. Don't hesitate to get the conversation started. Take action today.


Jake Mercier | Co-founder and CEO

Brendan Willey | Founder and President

Dallas Scarlett | Marketing Coordinator

Edmonton, Alberta Canada

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