Wilcia Management Sales & Closing Process. For Internal Use Only

Closing procedure and checklist: 

On closing call once you've got the sale:

1) Collect credit card number and billing address. 

2) Get contract signed.

Wilcia Onboarding After Client has Signed Contract: 

1) Once you have signed the client to the contact and have collected the credit card number, you will then send them their Onboarding Email. 

2) Create a Client folder in the Wilcia "Clients" Google Drive folder. Name the folder after the name of the company you just signed. Once you've created their client folder add a new Folder titled "Client Assets". Lastly upload the signed contact into the clients main folder.

4) Once you have completed step 3, share the client folder you created with the clients email address.

5) Use the onboarding email template to welcome them to Wilcia and give them the instructions they need to complete their onboarding process. Attach their client folder in this email as well. 

Note: Be absolutely certain to CC Brendan and Jake on the onboarding email. 

Onboarding Email Template: 

Screenshot 2022-07-12 123805.png

Collecting Payment: 

1) After the client has received all of onboarding information and the contract has been signed, email Brendan the contact details including length of contact and monthly retainer price. Attach the clients credit card information and billing details and their payment will be processed. After they payment has been processed, Stripe will take 7-10 days to transfer funds and your commission will be paid. 

Payment Portals: