Wilcia Management Website Audit

Attachments and More

Your website is your broadcast to the world. It should convey innovation, professionalism and should be completed to the highest level of excellence. 

For companies in any industry, not properly utilizing the internet will potentially result in missing opportunities that would have otherwise presented themselves had the proper infrastructure been in place. This includes a "Call to Action" on the website, proper implementation of "Search Engine Optimization" while strategically updating the site to stay at the top of relevance in the industry. 

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Complete a side by side comparison from former triton webpage to today.

The home page of Attachments & More should have an immediate call to action (CTA) under the name and tagline. This entails a short explanation that clearly defines what you and your company does to service and provide your clients. 

We will create your ideal website using high level opt-in tactics. This will increase the number of visitors that want to give you their information and get into contact with you. A CTA eliminates the step of them having to copy your contact information and having to input on another page. Doing something as simple as this will immediately increase the amount of contacts the form receives. 

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Humanizing yourself and your company will create a higher level of online rapport. Incorporating professional head shots on the website brings a great deal of this. This will increase your ranking on Google searches and again brings the visitor closer to understanding you and your work as a company. 


In addition to humanizing your site, having a company vision, goal, and motivation page will allow visitors to know immediately that they're aligned with you, the owners. We see increases in web traffic to sales by utilizing a page that outlines all the qualities your company has and how you separate yourself from your competitors. 

This site is your billboard. In the digitally dominated world of 2020, it's worth 10 times as much as having a real one. 

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This business model would be best advertised in video form, then broadcasted to your target market through YouTube ads.